The Circle of Life

For a variety of reasons, I have long played with the idea of getting a Macbook Pro.  First, most of the really good media programs are Mac-based, which is a huge draw for me.  Secondly (and perhaps most importantly), Macs are stable and not nearly as buggy as Windows.  Of course, I have only toyed with the idea of getting a Mac.  Until today, I’ve never seriously entertained the thought.  However, today I realized an unfortunate and inevitable truth:

My PC is dying.

I’ve had my Dell laptop for a full four years now and it’s treated me very well.  Yes, it has had some bug issues from time to time, but I took very good care of it.  (I pride myself in the fact that my laptop is four years old, still has its original battery, and can still last for nearly two hours on a full charge.)  Nevertheless, as time wore on, my computer gradually got more and more sluggish.  And buggy.  And unreliable.  A few months back, my laptop started going through stages where it refused to turn on.  It wasn’t a virus; rather, something in the circuitry was loose and unresponsive.  A friend of mine took my computer apart and put it back together and the problem was solved, but it had me worried.  Unsurprisingly, the problem has reared its head again.  Yesterday, my computer refused to power up.  The problem fixed itself moments later, but that wasn’t the last of it.  Today, my computer refused to turn on for a good couple of hours (right when I was in the middle of job-hunting too).  Eventually, I took the computer apart myself and reassembled it, and it turned back on.  The crisis may be averted (for now), but I’m coming to terms with the fact that my computer isn’t going to last forever.  And this means that I have to start thinking about new computer models.  I’ve always used Windows since the good ol’ days of Windows ’95, and, for the most part, I’ve been satisfied (unlike most Windows users, I actually know how to maintain the system), but I am considering a Mac.  I must admit, it’s very appealing.  Of course, I’m not going to dive headlong into any purchase without considering my options.  Many would say that a Macbook Pro is a great choice, and from first glance, I agree.  However, I’m a very cautious buyer, so I’ll be weighing my options carefully (unless my computer crashes in the next day or two).

So the hunt begins.  And for once, I might just be going with Apple…


~ by digitallysmitten on May 19, 2010.

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