Movie Review: Iron Man 2

Summer is always an interesting time.  As a media consumer, it’s a mixed blessing.  For one, it’s great because I have much more time to invest in the movies and video games I’ve been wanting to enjoy for the last few months.  It’s unfortunate because, notoriously, many summer movies are mediocre at best.  (It’s also unfortunate because I should be using my free time to find a job).  As summer has already started, I’ll give a quick review of some of the media-related things I’ve experienced.

Iron Man 2. One word: disappointing.  This emotionally-empty movie often bored or frustrated me.  Most of the characters/actors were either painfully one-dimensional or not very fun to watch.  Even Robert Downey Jr.’s performance (the major reason for watching the first movie) was less inspired this time around.  His character arc is frustrating and often makes no sense in the context of the overall story (including the plot for the first movie).

The first movie tells the story of how Tony Stark undergoes a near-death experience and changes from jerk to hero. The sequel has him undergo a near-death experience that changes him....into a jerk again.

My major complaint, of course, with the first Iron Man movie was its uncreative and bland villain.  Unfortunately, that problem is not solved in this movie.  Now there are two bland (and now, annoying) villains.  The first one is Whiplash – the Russian who speaks 5 words and has some goofy jump ropes.  For the little screen time he gets, he’s not very impressive (Oh, and guess what? He’s got a glowing chest piece just like everyone else).  The second villain is a CEO named Justin Hammer.  Let’s just say that every time he appeared on screen, I wanted to shoot him.  Multiple times.  With a bazooka.  Without a doubt, this is the single most annoying aspect of this movie.  This character is an idiot.  Now, some characters are supposed to be played this way, but Hammer was overbearingly bad.

Of course, the plot was nothing special either, and that’s where the movie ultimately suffers.  It doesn’t resonate with the audience like the first movie did, and, ultimately, I have to make a very, very unfortunate comparison – it reminded me of Transformers 2.  Now, it was better than Transformers 2, mind you – it was cleaner, more fun, and, overall, more enjoyable.  But it was a movie that had quite a bit of action with very little plot behind it.  There were a number of plot holes you could drive a semi through, and, at a few points, I had to say “Ok, even in the movie’s world, this doesn’t make sense.”  Of course, the movie did have a few strong points, and Downey Jr. still has his moments, but if you couldn’t tell, this movie was just a disappointment through and through for me.  Unfortunate, because I really did enjoy the first movie.

That’s my review of Iron Man 2.  In another day or two, I’ll post my review for Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, which (I promise) will be much more favorable than what you just read.  For now, however, I’m going to play another summer release – Super Mario Galaxy 2 (if you want a review, just know that it’s simply awesome – I might elaborate later on, after I beat it).


~ by digitallysmitten on June 13, 2010.

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