Quick, Unrelated Blurbs

Well, hello again!

Due to how sporadically I’ve been updating the blog as of late, I’ve decided to implement some sort of scheduling that would force me to be consistent.  Rather than write one long article about some media-related topic, I’m going to be writing quickly about a variety of subjects.  In essence, it’s like Twitter but slightly longer.

So, the plan is that, once a week, I’ll discuss between three to five topics currently on my mind.  No, I don’t have a name for this strategy yet, so suggestions are welcome.

And, GO!

1.) Digg. The story of Digg is an interesting one.  Mashable covered it pretty well, so I won’t go into great detail, but the site went from popular and respected to a bit of a joke in the last few weeks.  It’s a shame because, as some of you may know, I used to be a huge Digg fan.  I never officially joined the site or grabbed a membership or anything, but I went to the homepage at least once a day, just to see what articles had been linked.  …Until version 4 rolled out.  To me, the current iteration of Digg seems to be a huge departure from what made the site popular in the first place.  I mean, look at the Wikipedia page about Digg.  The first paragraph, which describes the news site, spends most of its time describing features Digg used to have until version four came out.  When you go to Digg now, the site has less activity than a cliche cowboy ghost town.  (For instance, the top story from today had 500 diggs – a downright mediocre number on the old site).  It’s sad, really.  So sad that I’ve started frequenting the website of Digg’s competitor, Reddit (which is really saying something – the site works better than the new Digg but its visual design is butt-ugly).  If you will, let’s have a moment of silence for Digg.


(The dots denote silence, as any comics reader knows)

2.) Metroid: Other M.  Most of you should know that I’m a die-hard Metroid fan.  I’ve played every single game that’s had the Metroid logo attached to it.  Some have been phenomenal; others have been decent,  but none have been terrible.  I haven’t played the newest Metroid game, “Other M,” yet but I’m slightly apprehensive after reading a number of reviews online.  Of course, my biggest misgiving is the whole “Samus is emo” vibe that I get from all the trailers.  I’m sure I’ll enjoy it on the whole, but it’s still weird that Samus has a voice.  (Next thing you know, Link will be breaking out in song in the next Legend of Zelda game.)  My birthday is coming up in the next few weeks, so I’m hoping to get a copy of the game then.  Look for a review on the blog sometime after that.

3.) Fall TV.  Is anyone as concerned about the upcoming fall season of TV as I am?  I’ve seen all the trailers, previews, and articles, and I have to say, none of the new shows excite me.  All of them either seem to be completely devoid of originality or just seem like something I’m not at all interested in.  Even J.J. Abrams, who often creates shows/movies that I love, has disappointed me – Undercovers looks decent, but it’s nothing I haven’t seen before (and I wasn’t overly excited to see it then – hasn’t the spy genre been beaten to death in American television?).  All the commercials say to me are “We have attractive actors – watch our show!”  And then there’s NBC’s other drama, “The Event.”  All the insiders are calling it “the next LOST.”  Rather than excite me, that worries me.  After all, last year’s FlashForward was hailed as the “next LOST” and we all know how that went (hint: it was horrible).  So far, no one even knows what the premise of the show is.  I’m wondering how the creators sold the show to the network – isn’t a premise kind of important?  Aside from these shows, nothing else even sticks out in my mind as something worth talking about (“No Ordinary Family” – Really?  What is this, the Disney Channel?).  Fortunately, we still have returning TV shows that are sure to be quality (I’m already counting down the days until season 3 of Fringe starts up).  From what I’ve seen, returning shows are sure to please, but the new ones leave me…apprehensive.


~ by digitallysmitten on September 16, 2010.

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