Thoughts for Thursday – Cabins, Time Traveling, Blockbuster, and Comedic Rallies

Hello, and welcome to this week’s edition of “Thoughts for Thursday” (the title is still a work in progress) – where I randomly and quickly talk about some random stuff on my mind!

1.) Chrono Trigger.  Yesterday, I started replaying the SNES classic, “Chrono Trigger.”  I never played the game until about 2 or 3 years ago, but, having beaten it once, I can understand why the game is so revered.  For its time, it’s an amazingly complex and in-depth game.  Sure, time travel’s been done before, but Chrono Trigger is still unique in its blending of RPG elements, storytelling, and an awesome time travel mechanic.  The only thing I wish was that the rest of the game was as influenced by your decision making as the first part was (Although, I guess the dozen possible endings for the game makes up for that).  For such an old game, the story is still plenty engaging.  Another great thing about the game is the music – it always fits whatever mood the environment demands perfectly (I especially like the atmosphere of the “middle ages.”).  I recommend it if you haven’t played it before.

2.)  Jacob’s Cabin.  I’m currently watching all of LOST again, since the show has officially ended.  I just finished the 20th episode of Season 3, “The Man Behind the Curtain,” in which the mystery of Jacob’s Cabin is first touched upon.  It’s one of the few mysteries that wasn’t totally resolved by the end of the show.  I’m developing some theories on it, but I’m not going to share them here, as it’s not a LOST blog.  Nevertheless, I really love the complexity of this show and how it dares the audience to think about it (unlike some other stuff on TV these days).

3.) Rallies.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the rallies being put on by Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  Partially a response to Glenn Beck’s rally back at the end of August, these rallies are sure to be big (if the numbers on Facebook are any indication).  I wonder how most people, especially the media, view these rallies.  Colbert’s, for sure, would appear to be mostly entertainment and satire (I mean, let’s face it, his entire persona is a satire), but Jon Stewart’s, while set up comedically, seems to be on to something.  After all, Stewart himself says that extremists dominate the media, even though that only makes up 15% to 20% of the population.  I really like what he has to say on it.  I don’t get into political debates much, but, personally, I’m sick and tired of all the ranting, raving, and yelling that takes up political news.  Can’t our politicians just work together for the good of America, especially given our current status?  Even though I can’t go to the rallies, I fully support them.

4.) Blockbuster.  So Blockbuster is filing for bankruptcy.  Personally, I’m not surprised.  Blockbuster is a prime example of a company that refused to change with the times.  For years, the company flat out refused to implement a digital distribution strategy, which is why they had their butts handed to them by Netflix.  Blockbuster was novel when home video first caught on, but now, with mail-in services and digital downloads, going to a store to rent a movie and then going back when you’re done is downright inconvenient.  I contend that Blockbuster’s refusal to acknowledge this fact led to its downfall (seriously, their CEO thought downloading was “too complicated”).

So long, Blockbuster.  If it’ll help, I have some VHS tapes in the basement you can have for free.


~ by digitallysmitten on September 23, 2010.

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