The Event: Episode 4 – “Fear my Omnipotency!”

After last week’s downright mediocre episode of “The Event,” we’re treated to another episode in which the good guys can’t do anything and the bad guys are all-powerful.  This is getting old.

Like all of The Event‘s previous episodes, this one is full plot twists and action scenes.  They aren’t as incessantly stupid as last week’s episode, but they still reek of plot holes (seriously, there was a shootout in the FBI office – who would be casually walking up to their car in the parking garage after hearing all that gunfire?).  The twist at the very end of the episode was decent (though somewhat expected), but, yet again, it showed that the bad guys can do whatever they want without any repercussions.

For the past two or three episodes, I feel like we’ve been running on a gerbil wheel.  Sean is still looking for his missing girlfriend (with little success), the President is still trying to figure out what’s going on (with little success), and the aliens/somehow-different-people are still being mysterious (with a lot of success).  Especially when it comes to the scenes with the President, we are getting absolutely nowhere.  People are getting questioned again (they either don’t know anything or spout the same garbage we’ve already heard), and the President is still at square one.  The fact that he got a name from Sophia would’ve been an accomplishment, except for the fact that the audience already figured this out three episodes ago.  Absolutely nothing was accomplished from that angle.

Continually, the only character worth rooting for has been Sean Walker.  In fact, he’s the only reason to watch the show at this point, as everyone else has demonstrated that they fit their cliches perfectly but never go beyond them.  Unfortunately, Sean is still going in circles.  Sure, he has a partner and a somewhat significant lead now, but he’s still just spouting the same “My girlfriend is waiting for me to rescue her” rhetoric that we’ve been hearing since the pilot.  Give the man some real character development!  Yes, the flashbacks this week told us that he has a complicated family life, but, until that comes to bear on the present, it’s going to be a useless backstory.  *Sigh* I miss the old days of LOST, where the flashbacks for each episode always related to the story currently taking place in the same episode.

Finally, the episode ends with a couple twists/cliffhangers.  The airline victims/survivors (?) are still being manipulated so some of the aliens/others can play God and make demands (did anyone else think the opening scene with the airline victims/survivors was unintentionally creepy?)  Yeah, didn’t see that coming (sarcasm).  Oh, and Leila has escaped her kidnappers, except not really because they run the entire country and can kill anyone whenever they want.

I jokingly labeled the title of this episode “Fear my Omnipotency” because the bad guys seemingly can do whatever they want, but considering the show’s run so far, the writers should be hearing “Fear my Apathy.”  Time is running out before I drop this show completely.


~ by digitallysmitten on October 12, 2010.

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