Thoughts for Thursday – Batman, Unoriginal Novels, Apple, and Butt-dialing.

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Thoughts for Thursday,” where I talk about whatever topics tickle my fancy.


1. Batman 3.  Now that he’s done with Inception, Chris Nolan is actively working on the third (and his last) Batman film.  In an interview given yesterday, Nolan revealed that the title of the movie will be “The Dark Knight Rises.”  It’s an interesting choice of a title, but I’m not exactly sold.  I understand some of the marketing behind it, however.  The Dark Knight is one of the highest grossing movies of all time.  There’s no doubt that Warner Brothers wants to associate this next Batman film with its money-making predecessor.  By creating a title very similar to the previous movie, it establishes it as a definitive sequel (You’d be surprised how many people saw The Dark Knight without realizing that it was the sequel to Batman Begins.).  Marketing aside, however, I’m sure the title means more than we realize at this point – Nolan’s not one to simply title a movie because that’s what a studio wants.  The Dark Knight was pretty heavy in symbolism – Batman was the “Dark Knight,” Harvey Dent was the “White Knight,” etc.  It’ll be interesting to see what this movie title could possibly mean.  Also, I’m really glad Nolan stood up to WB and said he didn’t want to film in 3D.  At one point, it sounded like they would make him do it that way, but, apparently, he convinced them otherwise.  Score one for the artist.  Too much 3D these days have been a cash-grabbing gimmick.  Certainly nothing that enhances the medium.

2. Black Riders.  So, I started rereading the fantasy book Eragon this week.  It’s not exceptionally original, but it’s still a fun read.  I do have one major complaint for fantasy novels in general, however.  While reading the book, it occurred to me that, ever since Lord of the Rings, every fantasy book has its own version of the Ringwraiths (or Nazgul, if you want the proper).  Harry Potter had the Dementors, Eragon had the Ra’zac, etc.  The concept is cool and all, but, seriously, try to come up with something original.  The draw is understandable (a creature that can easily typify evil without much description or understanding), but it’s just too convenient.  When Tolkien did it, it was new.  It’s not anymore.  I guess it’s pretty challenging to find original works of fantasy these days.

3. Apple.  Ok, here I go.  For the most part, I enjoy Apple products.  For the most part, I also enjoy how forward-thinking the company is.  But, there are a few things about the company that annoy me.  First, their incessant focus on the iPhone/iPad.  Remember when they used to make computers?  Yeah, those were the days.  I know they just had their “Back to the Mac” conference this past week, but, honestly, I felt like the whole point of the conference was making Macs more like the iPhone/iPad (hence the new MacBook Air).  In a few cases, that’s nice, but I have a computer, not an iPad (nor do I have any intention of getting an iPad).  I think the reasoning for this is that Steve Jobs sees the industry moving away from computers, and more to personal devices.  Actually, this leads to the second thing about Apple that annoys me.  As I’ve said, I usually appreciate how forward-thinking the company is, but Steve Jobs can stop telling the rest of the industry how they’re supposed to think and operate.  It’s getting annoying.  Sure, he can have ideas about where the industry is headed, but the way he presents these ideas, it’s more like it’s his way or the highway and you’re an idiot if you don’t agree with him.  Obviously, you can simply choose to ignore him and not go with Apple products.  There are plenty of competitors out there.  My point is that, for how much I love the company, there are still a few things about it that bug me – mostly with its attitude.

4.) New Phone.  So, after over three years of sticking with my simplistic phone (which was falling apart by the end), I finally got a new one!  It’s a Samsung Intensity II.  It certainly is nice.  For one, there’s no tape anywhere on it!  More than that, however, it just operates smoothly.  Plus, it has a QWERTY keyboard.  I’m still getting used to that.  My hands are pretty huge, so getting used to a small, cramped keyboard like that is going to take some work.  Of course, because it’s not a flip-phone, it has an issue I like to call “butt-dialing” (where the phone shifts in your pocket just the wrong way so that it dials a number on your contacts list without your knowledge).  The phone’s keyboard can lock, of course, but it’s not a perfect system.  I’ve already accidentally called my voicemail on one occasion.  I’m hoping it doesn’t go beyond that, but, I have to admit, it does make for amusing conversation.


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One Response to “Thoughts for Thursday – Batman, Unoriginal Novels, Apple, and Butt-dialing.”

  1. Sheesh.. way to go all random on us! Good points on 1, 3, and 4… can’t relate to 2. haha! I wouldn’t read too much into the next title as far as “dark, white, etc” go .. esp when it’s like you said: merely a sequel title modeled off the hit to keep the same audience. Eventually, as more sequels come out, the title will become more of a sentence.. “The Dark Knight Rises.. Victoriously.. Again.. To Die Another Day.” And I agree on the 3D stuff.. as soon as I see that in movies now, I just kinda glaze over that one and see what else is available.

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