Thoughts for Thursday – Death Slots, Unfinished Games, Tangled, and the Uncharted Movie

Hello once again!  After a two week hiatus, I have returned to the blog, and we’re ready to kick things off with a new Thoughts for Thursday.



1.) Uncharted Movie.  Awhile back, I wrote about how movies based on video games inevitably fail.  I left a caveat at the end, however, stating that there’s still a chance for videogame movies to succeed, but they would have to differentiate themselves from the interactivity that defines videogames.  Well, it certainly seems like the director of the Uncharted movie, David O. Russell, has taken to heart the idea of differentiating himself.  According to Kotaku, the Uncharted movie is shaping up to sound nothing like the Uncharted games.  With some videogame movies, this would work fine, as many videogames don’t have much to offer by way of story, but there’s something curious about this development with regards to Uncharted.  The Uncharted games are highly cinematic, full of fantastic character development and great storytelling.  It’s practically impossible to separate the story from the gameplay in this series.  Given such rich source material, it’s odd that the movie takes essentially no cues from the games it’s supposedly based on.  So far, none of the plot or characters match up with what’s found in the games.  That doesn’t necessarily mean this will be a bad movie, but from what I’ve heard of it, it’s certainly not something I’m interested in anymore.  Also, Mark Wahlberg is playing Nathan Drake.  That right there is a crime against humanity (the man can’t play a humorous – or expressive – character to save his life).



2.)  Tangled. So, last week, I went to the theaters and saw Disney’s newest animated flick Tangled.  I expected it to be mildly amusing, but most non-Pixar Disney movies (at least, modern ones anyway) have only been mediocre.  Man, were my expectations wrong.  This movie is genuinely funny.  Seriously, I don’t think I’ve laughed that much watching a Disney flick since 2000’s The Emperor’s New Groove (and that’s saying something, since I absolutely love that movie).  Tangled combines some fantastic animation, with timeless humor (it’s not at all Dreamworks-y) and a decent story.  Yes, the story is a little cliche, but it’s a fairy tale – they’re all that way when you think about it.  Also – the music was composed by Alan Menken.  Yes, that Alan Menken – the one who composed the songs for Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast.  Tangled is the closest to the classic fairy tales Disney cranked out in the 90’s since….well, the 90’s.



3.) The Death Slot.  The critically acclaimed but audience under-appreciated sci-fi drama Fringe (of which you should all know I’m a big fan) is being moved to a new timeslot in 2011 – The “Friday Night Death Slot.”  Named so because most shows scheduled for Friday nights do not survive past another season, the death slot strikes terror into the hearts of any fan of a particular show that has been moved to Friday.  Seriously, there’s a whole wikipedia page dedicated to all of the shows that’ve been canceled due to the Friday night death slot.  The track record is not good, and this does not make me all that hopeful towards Fringe‘s future.  There are plenty of articles about why Fox should not cancel Fringe, but what saddens me the most is how this show has slipped under the radar with the majority of the American audience.  Sure, it’s sci-fi heavy, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it also has some really excellent character drama.  The acting in this show is just phenomenal (I still think John Noble should’ve been nominated for an Emmy for his great work in season two of the show).  Seriously, people who’ve been looking for the “next LOST” need to tune in to this show.  It nails adrenaline-fueled storytelling based in character development that I haven’t seen since the ABC cult hit that ended last year.



4.) Unfinished Games.  For those of us who are gamers, we all have those couple of videogames that we have never finished.  I’m not necessarily talking about completing a game 100%, because not everyone has that kind of OCD drive to finish it entirely (though some definitely do).  There are some games where I simply must acquire every achievement/trophy, but there are definitely some where it’s not worth the trouble (I’m looking at you, Call of Duty).  That’s not what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about those games where you’ve never even finished the campaign (or story mode) the first time through.  I’m a major completionist, and I still have a few those games.  The two that stick out in my mind are Super Mario Sunshine and The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.  Both are quality games (for the most part), but I just didn’t have the drive to finish them when there are so many better games out there.  Mario Sunshine was a game I got years after it came out.  It was fun at first and the platforming is great, but the camera is absolutely horrendous when compared to modern games, and after awhile, it got frustrating.  I might finish it one day, but it’s not high on my priorities list.  Spirit Tracks is a different beast.  The game has some genuinely awesome moments, but it also has some yawn-inducing moments of boredom.  I’ve never had a game flip-flop so often between awesomeness and mediocrity.  It’s a shame, because the good moments are fantastic.  After awhile, though, I just stopped.  I think I got sidetracked by, I dunno, life, and, when free time reared it’s head again, I couldn’t bring myself to pick it back up (mostly because I have no idea where I was).  Anyways, those are my currently unfinished games.  Eventually, I might return to them (as I don’t like to leave anything unfinished), but it might be awhile.  Do you have any unfinished games?  If so, why didn’t you finish them?


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One Response to “Thoughts for Thursday – Death Slots, Unfinished Games, Tangled, and the Uncharted Movie”

  1. I think the only game I have ever actually played all the way through was Portal..

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