Thoughts for Thursday – Narnia, Christmas, Robots, and Lists

Welcome to another edition of Thoughts for Thursday.  What will I talk about today?



1.) Narnia.  To be honest, I kind of forgot about the Chronicles of Narnia series.  I loved the “Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” despite its technical shortcomings and slight amount of cheesiness, but “Prince Caspian” was just…. okay.  It wasn’t bad, and it certainly fixed the technical problems of the first movie, but the story just wasn’t as inspired.  Also, that was about three years ago.  In that time, I got into studying media, graduated college, and watched a LOT of other movies.  I didn’t give the series much thought, even when it switched production from Disney to Fox (“Prince Caspian” didn’t perform as well as Disney wanted, so they opted out of making the next movie.  Fox quickly took up the series).  Lo and behold, the third movie in the series (“Voyage of the Dawn Treader”) comes out in a matter of days.  Early reviews have only been about average – with some critics liking it and some definitely not.  Fox knows it’s taking a gamble – if the movie doesn’t perform well, this might be it for the series.  I might go see it just for that reason, but I’m still not sure.  The first movie was good, but the second one didn’t have as much heart.  The previews haven’t necessarily showed me that this third one will either.  Naturally, it will take some departures from the book (few book-to-movie adaptions get away with a straight-up conversion), but that’s not necessarily any indication for quality.  I think the series is plagued, not from having a hard time adapting the books, but from trying to please too many audiences.  The first movie attracted the “faith” crowd (as Hollywood calls it), the second one didn’t – instead marketing itself towards those that like action movies.  Now, they want to attract the “faith” crowd again, but also appease the action fans.  I feel like this has led to a schizophrenic approach, with the movie producers not sure who they want to appease more.  Personally, I think the movies work best when they capture the spirit of the books.  Maybe they should worry more about that than which crowd they can pull in.


2.) Christmas Movies.  It’s December!  Know what that means?  If you said, “Low-budget, no script, made-for-TV Christmas movies,” you guessed correctly!  Seriously, why is Christmas the time of year when we can get away with cranking out some of the worst movies known to man?  Is it just one big attempt to capitalize on the holiday’s promotions of “good will toward men”?  I wish more studios would concern themselves with quality this time of year.  I mean, obviously, studios can release bad movies all year round, but it feels like we’re inundated with them more than normal, come December.  Do execs who approve these movies take a vacation this time of year?  If I sound a little bitter, I probably am.  I love Christmas, and I love movies, so when both are treated poorly at the same time, I get a little affronted.  We do get some good stuff every now and then, though.  The Christmas classics are always worth watching, and, every once in a blue moon, we get a good modern Christmas story (the most recent one I can think of is “Elf” – while not perfect, it’s still a thoroughly enjoyable movie).


3.) Transformers 3. Oh, hey, look!   A teaser trailer for Transformers 3 was unveiled this week.  What’s that?  Nobody cared?  Oh, right.  Yeah, I actually don’t care either, now that you mention it.  The teaser didn’t reveal much – just some conspiracy theories about the transformers being involved in the moon landing, but nothing about the modern-day plot (if there is one).  The first Transformers was nothing special, but at least it made sense and was fun to watch.  The sequel?  Ummm…let me say this nicely – it was one of the worst movies I’ve seen in the last decade (that’s the nice version).  Apparently, even Michael Bay is aware that the second movie was awful (why didn’t he fix it before he released it, then?), so he wants to atone for that with the third movie.  I’m not buying it.  I guess we’ll find out next summer whether or not anyone else will either.


4.) More lists.  Since we’re nearing the end of the year, I’m working on some new 2010-related lists for the blog.  First, the top media disappointments of the year.  Not failures, mind you, but disappointments.  After that, the top surprise successes from 2010 (since just normal successes are boring).  I’ve got some ideas for both lists, but if you want to share, feel free!  Tweet me or comment down below and tell me what you think belongs in those lists.


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